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Newman Planer Line Complete

  • ManufacturerNewman
  • ModelPlaner Line Complete
  • Stock Number103610

Planer Line Complete - complete planer line for hardwood.   Consists of:

Winston 4 strand x 23' long live package deck
Winston 4 arm breakdown (tilthoist) with 74" arms, electric drive, stick collection
Winston 4 strand lumber transfer 22' long with hook stop
Winston 16' x 18" belt conveyor to planer
NEWMAN S-282 top & bottom planer with helical heads.  20 HP bottom; 30 HP top;  hydraulic feed; carbide sharpener; rubber tire top feed rolls; control consoles.
15 HP hydraulic pump unit.
Winston 35' x 18" belt conveyor from planer
Winston 5 strand rooftop transfer deck 11' long.
Winston 5 strand "green" chain 52 feet long.
Quincy QT-5  5 HP air compressor on vertical 60 gallon tank.

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