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Keystone C1296

  • ManufacturerKeystone
  • ModelC1296
  • ConditionUsed

The chisel pointer works under the same concept as the stake pointer-to sharpen the end of your material. However, on the chisel pointer, rather than having a point that resembles a pencil point, the chisel pointer makes points that resembles a "V"or a two sided stake. You can see that by looking at the picture below of the cutters used to cut the material. When these two cutters are placed together they form a "V" which is exactly how the end of your material will look. A majority of customers send material through the chisel pointer that ranges in size from 3/4" to 7" wide. *Heavy Duty Construction
*34 Cycles per Min.
*Feed rate with 10 HP motor
*Variable speed air powered feed system
*Anti-kick back gate
*Thickness-3/4" to 2"
Length-12" to 72"
Width-3/4" to 7"
(all specifications from manufactures web site)

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